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This online resource has been designed to introduce you to key concepts and information relating to working with older people. The stories will give you a feel for what working with older people is like, and deconstruct some of the myths and stereotypes that are out there. You can also use some of the material and linked resources to broaden your knowledge and help you with your assessments..

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It used to be that aged care nursing was seen as where seniors go to when they are no good for anything else. But that is just not so anymore.

Aged care nursing is the most complex nursing you will get. It demands an enourmous amount of assessment skills, knowledge, background inforomation and the ability to put a whole range of things together.

You really use every skill you've ever learnt when you work with older people and particularly when they have cognitive impairment and you can't rely on what they tell you; you have to rely so much on everything you've learnt about how you age, about all the different systems, diseases, about how to communicate with people who are not verbal and so on, so it's very, very complex nursing.

It’s very, very challenging.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.