The Cardiac Patient
Trevor has led a busy life as an academic until he retired a year ago at age 65. With more time on his hands, he started to do more exercise. A few days ago, he suddenly experienced chest pain while jogging and was rushed to hospital. He had suffered a mild heart attack.

The Retired Fireman
John worked for many years as a merchant seaman and engineer in the Emergency Services. He is now retired and suffers from chronic health problems, having frequent contact with acute health care services. However, he still enjoys doing woodwork and makes all his Christmas gifts for the family.

The Supportive Nurse
Margaret is a nursing student who has worked in aged care since she was 16, as a volunteer and then as an assitant-in-nursing. "I enjoy the individuality of each client. I like to sit and talk with them - they have led such interesting lives".

The Taxi Driver
Colin enjoys his job as a taxi driver, especially the variety of the work "I certainly get to meet a lot of interesting people." He thinks that sometimes people forget how productive and useful older people can be, particularly when it comes to being trained and employed.

The Orchid Man
Jack has mentioned that he likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, working in his garden and cycling along the esplanade. He finds this relaxing and it keeps him fit and active at the age of 84. He has fair skin and little head hair. What could you be investigating to assess Jack's health status?

The Retired Barmaid
Dot worked as a barmaid in her younger days, and she has always been a very independent woman. "I worked in pubs in Sydney and Brisbane from the 1920s until after World War II".

The Computer Whiz
Veronica bought her first computer 5 years ago when she was 64. "I taught myself how to use it, so I could download embroidery patterns. Now I can do a lot of things online, like shop on eBay and pay bills".

The World War II Veteran
Harry travelled all over the world when he was a soldier in World War II. He is now 85 and lives alone in an old high-set Queenslander house, where he happily enjoys an independent lifestyle, with regular visits from friends and family.

The Chinese Centenarian
Shu Jump was born in China and emigrated to Australia several years ago. She is now 100 years old, but in Chinese years, she is 99.

The Noonuccal Woman
May is a woman of the Noonuccal clan, which is part of the Quandamooka group on Minnjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) in Moreton Bay. "I have strong family and kinship ties and connection to the place of my people" she says.