The Cardiac Patient

Trevor arrived in the hospital three days ago, having sufferred a small myocardial infarct. “It was an experience I wouldn’t care to repeat,” says Trevor, “I couldn’t catch my breath and the pain in my chest was unbelievable, like I was being crushed in a vice! We rang the ambulance and I was in the Emergency Department within 15 minutes. They did an ECG and discovered that I’d had a mild heart attack. I’d hate to think what a severe one would be like, and I don’t plan to find out!”

The cardiac patient Trevor

When he arrived at the ED, Trevor was distressed and breathless. He was quickly assessed and treated with oxygen, Morphine, and other drugs, and transferred to the Cardiac Care Unit. His symptoms settled within 24 hours. “The medical and nursing staff have told me that there’s a chance I could have another attack, so they are monitoring me pretty closely, and making sure that I get plently of rest,” says Trevor, “but I have to tell you, it’s not easy to relax with that possibility hanging over you.”

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