Test Your Knowledge 2

Test your knowledge

Carmella is 85 and lives alone. Her family are concerned about her because she has fallen at home and sprained her ankle recently. They think she should move into a residential aged care facility. What might Carmella's options be?

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Incorrect. Hostel accommodation may not be what Carmella wants or needs. She may need respite low care or hostel care temporarily, and then may be able to choose from some community-based options if she prefers to stay at home.

Incorrect. Carmella is not yet frail enough to require EACH care, which is for people in the community who require an equivalent level of care to those in a high level of care in residential aged care settings.

Incorrect. While Carmella may require CACP care in the long run, for now this would not be her only option.

Correct. There are a range of options that might be suitable, but it will be important for her to have an ACAT assessment to determine what is most suitable, both in the short-term and the long-term.